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Christopher Libertino

Christopher Libertino is an award winning film composer, recording artist and guitarist. He received his BA in Music from Harvard University in 1991 and undertook film scoring studies at Berklee School of Music. With over 50 scores to his credit, he has reached a worldwide audience of millions with such films as The Wormhole (2002 Academy Award Gold Medal), Repetition Compulsion (1999 Emmy Nomination) and Speak (2004 Sundance Feature). His unique brand of literate, atmospheric art rock is often featured alongside his scoring work as in such films as The Hill and The Gravekeeper. As a guitarist, Christopher’s distinctive effects based sound can be heard on numerous remixes (Gwen Stefani, Roxy Music and Duran Duran) as well as in the scores for 28 Days Later, Aeon Flux, Underworld, and Six Feet Under.

His scores run the gamut from hushed atmospherics to Avant-Garde clatter, from chaotic atonal clusters to unabashed lyricism, from apocalyptic soundscapes to lush orchestral Romanticism. Although his musical style must be conformed to the film at hand, Christopher’s overall approach always draws on a deep understanding of dramatic language and psychology to uncover and highlight the emotional core of the material. He also meticulously orchestrates every note of his compositions, deploying orchestral colors, sophisticated sound design, cutting edge electronics and offbeat and exotic instruments in bold and unusual combinations.

Running parallel to his film work, Christopher has maintained his steadfast love for composing and recording challenging pop music. He has also forged a unique effects based approach to textural electronic guitar. His signature sound was made available to other composers when Big Fish Audio commissioned Alien Guitars: a two-volume set of guitar samples that Christopher created with David Siskovic. These strange and beautiful sounds have found their way into projects as diverse as the score for CSI: Miami and Annie Lennox’s album, Bare. His altered guitar work serves as a cornerstone of his own album work – Epitaph, Caprice, Unspoken and Traveller – and as a featured element in the New York Indie Electro Pop bands Sound Vision and Disco Pusher.


"Christopher Libertino is an electric guitar wizard who has experimented a great deal with guitar sounds over the years, and that background proves to be the perfect match for this story. The film’s characters lives in a pop-orientated world and that is obviously effectively underlined by electric guitars and rock rhythms, but the most important quality of Libertino’s guitar-driven score is that it works on two levels: it evokes the darkness of the story, but also the sadness and reflective qualities of the film itself. Using the full emotional range of the guitar, Libertino creates a moving – and at times, disturbing and intense in a way that reminds me of Elliot Goldenthal’s Heat score – soundscape for the story to grow in."
- Mikael Carlsson; Music from the Movies on Speak.

"She gets great help from Christopher Libertino's sensitive score and Peter C. Frank's wonderful editing, which merges the character's interior and exterior worlds beautifully -- a great feat, given that the two are practically symbiotic throughout the movie."
- Marilyn Moss; The Hollywood Reporter on Speak

"There's a pleasing gentleness to Traveller that is refreshing in that it isn't trying to be brash or limelight stealing. It's just gently and quietly what it is. Every element of this production — sleeve design included — was done by Christopher himself and, production-wise, it almost feels like he's been doing it in secret; it's an album of almost extreme subtlety, with vocals kept very much in the background and the sounds chosen being muted and soft. Overall, this is a tremendously successful approach and, unusually, by the end you don't feel the need for a bigger, more attention-grabbing track."
- Neal McLeod; Sound on Sound Magazine on Traveller

"Libertino’s electric guitar work and immaculate studio sound is completely original and quite inventive. Bowie, Eno and Gabriel fans could do a lot worse than spending some time with Libertino’s progressive sounding, nocturnal emissions."
- Robert Steven Silverstein; Music Web Express on Traveller

"Christopher's goal for the album was to synthesize the wide-screen cinematic sounds of his film writing with evocative lyrics and musical styles that include electronica, industrial, alternative and ambient music and with hints of African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern music as well. I guess he succeeded very well in his goal because that's just what I heard almost fifty minutes long on a debut on which he can be very proud of. Highly recommended to those who enjoy the music made by the already mentioned acts such as Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian, Kate Bush, Thomas Dolby, David Bowie, Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry!"
- Henri Strik; Background Magazine on Traveller

"If a few more guitarists coaxed sounds like these out of their instruments, the history of rock and roll might have been very different."
- Nigel Lord; MusicTech Magazine

"Picture a multi-legged monster traipsing across an alien landscape. Or pterodactyls flying off into a crimson sunset. Or Wile E. Coyote getting electrocuted. These are a few of the images that form in my mind upon hearing some of the segments on Alien Guitars."
- Keyboard Magazine; Review of Alien Guitars Volume 1

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Harvard University
Tisch School of the Arts at NYU


  • SPEAK (Showtime Independent Films) - Fred Berner, prod. Jessica Sharzer, dir.
    *Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival 2004
  • FROM NOTHING (Stereoscopic Fractal VR Experience) - prd./dir. Julius Horsthuis
  • GANJA QUEEN (Song Zu Prods.) - Janine Hosking, Robin Eastwood, prod., Janine Hosking, dir.
    *Official Selection, Slamdance Film Festival 2006
    *Additional music for
  • OFF THE GRID: LIFE ON THE MESA (Stillpoint Pictures) - Eric Juhola, prod., Jeremy and Randy Stulberg, dirs.
    *Official Selection, Slamdance Film Festival 2006
  • BROKEN HEART LAND (Stillpoint Pictures) - Eric Juhola, prd., Jeremy and Randy Stulber, dirs.
  • HER COMPOSITION (Picture Train Company) - Leah Chen Baker, prod., Stephan Littger, dir.
  • HECTOR IS GONNA KILL NATE (8 Feet Tall Prods.) - Ben Snyder, prod., Ari Issler, dir.
  • WEEQUAHIC (13th Hour Films) - Ethan Anderson, prod., Jamie Ruddy, dir.
  • CARINA AND JUDE- Max Copolov, prod/dir.
  • EZEKIAL’S REVELATION (Crean/Scout Prods, Inc.) - Kate Sharp, prod. / dir.
  • NOWHERE KIDS (Stillpoint Pictures) - Jeremy Stulberg, prod., Erica Juhola, dir.
  • AMERICANA - Corinne Golden, prod., Topaz Adizes, dir.
  • THE WAREHOUSE JOB - Jesse Toledano, prod. / dir.
  • VIRGIN RED (Intercontinental Pictures ) - Natalie Altshuler, Kitao Sakurai, prod., Edouard Getaz, dir.
  • MY UNCLE BERNS (HBO/Cinemax Documentary Films) - Billy and Janice Crystal, Christina DeHaven, prods., Lindsay Crystal, dir.
  • SHOOK (Bajan Brownstone Productions) - Angela Tucker, Kurt Enger, prods., Melanie R W Oram, dir.
  • CONEY ISLAND CATCH (Reach Associates Pictures) - Lauren Wolkstein, prod. / dir.
  • THE HILL (Pixelcatland Productions) - Ada C. Chamberlain, prod., Deborah Chow, dir.
  • CHARLIE PRIMITIVE - Joseph Raso, prod., Pete Jensen, dir.
  • THE P.T. JOHANSEN FIELD GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN MONSTERS (Enigma Media) - Stephen Fromkin, Steve Hein, prods. Andrew Mudge, dir.
    *Winner of the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival 2003
  • FLY CHERRY (Power Up Productions) - Stacy Codikow, Amy Showmer, Crystal Rivera-Mitchell, prods., Jessica Sharzer, dir.
  • THE PASSING (Solomon Films) - Mandy Tagger, prod., Jesse Toledano, dir.
  • THE WAKE (French Forum Productions) - Joseph French, prod. / dir.
  • THE PERFECT GOOSEYS (Tutoh River Pictures) - Maria Arruda, Andrew Mudge, prods., Andrew Mudge, dir.
  • THE WORMHOLE (Jezebel Pictures) - Sydney Burtner, prod., Jessica Sharzer, dir.
    *Gold Medal Student Academy Award 2002
  • POPCORN SHRIMP (Showtime/Iron Films) - Libby Spears, Vincent Farrell, prods., Christopher Walken, dir.
    *Co-composer with David Siskovic
  • THE PARKING LOT WARS - Michael Connors, prod. / dir.
  • SIZE MATTERS - Helen Lee, prod., Eric Juhola, dir.
  • LUCKYTOWN (A Plus Entertainment) - Paul Nicholas, prod. / dir.
    *Additional music for
  • BALD: THE MOVIE (King Isaac Films) - Tobias Perse, prod. / dir.
  • DOG DAYS (Salamander Films) - Robert Patton-Spruill, prod., Ellie Lee, dir.
  • THE GRAVEKEEPER (Thirteenth Hour Productions) - Samantha Schultz, Nicole Craig, prods., Jamie Ruddy, dir.
  • SPIN THE BOTTLE (Maxwell Balsam Productions) - Victoria Maxwell, Dede Harris prods., Andrew Michael Pascal, dir.
  • 30 DAYS AND 30 YEARS LATER - Stephanie Conrad, prod. / dir.
  • FATHERS AND SONS (Majestic Films) - David Hudacek, prod. / dir.
  • DOGBOY (Venture Entertainment) - Adam Kagan, prod., vanessa Ventura, dir.
  • REPETITION COMPULSION - Ellie Lee, prod. / dir.
    *P.O.V, Emmy Nomination 1999
  • TRUCKSTOP (Red Planet Films) - Adam Kagan, prod., John Morning, dir.
  • NIGHTSCAPES - Akiko Iwakawa, prod. / dir.
  • FATHER'S DAY - Carmela DelVechio, prod. / dir.


  • TRAVELLER (Christopher Libertino / CD) - Composed, Performed, Recorded & Produced by Christopher Libertino
  • UNSPOKEN (Christopher Libertino / EP) - Composed, Performed, Recorded & Produced by Christopher Libertino
  • CAPRICE (Christopher Libertino / EP) - Composed, Performed, Recorded & Produced by Christopher Libertino
  • EPITAPH (Christopher Libertino / EP) - Composed, Performed, Recorded & Produced by Christopher Libertino Mixed by David Siskovic & Christopher Libertino
  • To Turn You On, Sisko Mix (Roxy Music/David Siskovic) - Christopher Libertino, Guitars
  • Cool, Sisko Mix (Gwen Stefani/David Siskovic) - Christopher Libertino, Guitars
  • Nice, Sisko Mix (Duran Duran/David Siskovic) - Christopher Libertino, Guitars
  • Disco Pusher (Disco Pusher) - Christopher Libertino, Guitars


  • EVOLUTION (Urban Empire) - Jim Elliot, prod., Lizzie Gottlieb, dir.
  • WORLDLY ACTS (Urban Empire) - 5 one act plays, Jimm Elliot, prod., multiple dirs.
    *With Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope
  • THE BAD SEED (Badlands Theater Company) - Sondra Wymar, prod., Anna Catherine Rutledge, dir.


  • THE PUZZLE SHOP OF INFINITE RECURSION (Oracle New Media) - Computer adventure game


  • ALIEN GUITARS VOL. 1 & 2 (Big Fish Audio) - Sampling CD’s of electronically effected guitars which have appeared in scores from: 28 Days Later, The Eye, Batman Beyond, Six Feet Under, The Returner and Aeon Flux.
  • Speak
  • The Wormhole
    The Wormhole
  • Off the Grid
    Off the Grid
  • The Hill
    The Hill
  • Broken Heart Land
    Broken Heart Land
  • The Forgotten Kingdom
    The Forgotten Kingdom
  • The Warehouse Job
    The Warehouse Job
  • Ezekiels Revelation
    Ezekiel's Revelation
  • Virgin Red
    Virgin Red
  • Dog Days
    Dog Days
  • Nowhere Kids
    Nowhere Kids
  • Still
  • Traveller Trailer
    Traveller Trailer
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